Sonali Mohapatra is an accomplished Odissi dancer and a global performer having expertise in the Abhinaya (expression) and Nritta (pure dance) aspects. At an early age of 5, Sonali lost a major portion of her hearing. On the left ear, she lost 100% and on the right ear 87% hearing due to unfortunate medical negligence, which remains irreparable. In such a difficult condition she develops the knack for learning Odissi dance. It was a tough challenge for her for learning any form of dance and music, the basic need to learn any classical dance forms demands sufficient command over "Shruti" (Hearing) with “Swara" and "Taal. She is unable to hear music and song properly. She can only make out the rhythm with the help of a hearing instrument. In the bit of Taal, she feels the lyric and the music. Thus, her presentation becomes flawless. Her father who gives her vocal support, also made her understand different Taal and their "layakariyan" from her childhood till date, where as her mother guided, escorted and helped her knowing the theories of Odissi dance with the help of dance books and magazines. Her elder and younger brothers helped her developing communication skills and speech and presently, she is able to speak and reply by observing lip movement and sound.


  She started learning Odissi Dance the tender age of 4 years under the supervision of Guru Smt. Truptimayee Mohanty. Further, in 1995, she received her higher training in Odissi Dance and completed Visharad and Alankar under the guidance of Guru Shri Durga Charan Ranbir, one of the path finder of Guru Debaprasad style of Odissi.

Her tremendous efforts and dedication, Guru Sri Durgacharan Ranbir’s blessings and goodwill, moral as well as physical support of family members, made her to prove that she is one among the best dancers of Guru Shri Deba Prasad Das gharana.
In 2004, she got married to the eminent flute player Shri Abhiram Nanda, a disciple of Guru Shri Mohini Mohan Patnaik and Padmavibhushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

In 2005, she was blessed with a son named Anurag.
Sonali takes her husband and son as the best sources of inspiration to continue her dance career to a perfectly blessed goal.

Students performing at Cultural Programme

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